What is it?

It is a photocatalytic, adhesive, innovative, microperforated, aesthetically non-impacting protective film with zero environmental impact. It sanitises your vending machine’s surface and the surrounding air.

It destroys contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, formaldehyde, mildew, fungus, VOC, Nox, odours, and any organic and inorganic substance (SMOG) by a simple, all-natural, active principle.

It is available in five (5) different standardised dimensions today.

Photocatalysis is a process that normally develops in nature thanks to the combined action of sunlight or artificial light and the presence of some noble metals. Colloidal silver and titanium dioxide are used in the Vendingwell protective film.

Against bacteria, viruses, fungus and smells.

With 1 square meter of product, approximately 60 cubic meters of air can be sanitized in an hour.

Specific antibacterial and sanitizing products are not required for cleaning D.A.

Photocatalysis is activated both with natural and artificial light.


100% Natural Process

The non-use of specific cleaning products significantly reduces the operating cost of the D.A.